Addiction and Out-Of-Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB)​​Addiction and Out-Of-Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB)​​

Addiction and Out-Of-Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB)​​

AASECT believes in sex positivity and acceptance of human sexual behaviors and desires rather than impose harm by labeling people with mental illness (pathologizing). AASECT was founded in 1967 by Patricia Schiller who firmly believed in education about sexuality to reduce the impact on one’s self-esteem & self-worth.

Addiction often gets conflated with or compared to other co-occurring mental health diagnosis or labeled as maladaptive behaviors. For people who feel that they are struggling with sexual behavior, it’s worth noting that my position on sex addiction is the same position as AASECT’s statement below. Instead, I operate from an Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB) model that disconnects one’s internal sense of lack of control with mental illness.

AASECT recognizes that people may experience significant physical, psychological, spiritual and sexual health consequences related to the person’s sexual urges, thoughts or behaviors. AASECT recommends that its members utilize models that do not unduly pathologize consensual sexual behaviors.

AASECT 1) Proves that sex addiction or porn addiction as a mental health disorder, and 2) does not find the sexual addiction training, treatment methods and educational pedagogies to be adequately informed by accurate human sexuality knowledge.

AASECT advocates for a collaborative movement to establish standards of care supported by science, public health consensus and the rigorous protection of sexual rights for consumers seeking treatment for problems related to consensual sexual urges, thoughts or behaviors.

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